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Course Summary

Nowadays, no business, no matter how big or little, can be considered without accounts. You will learn how to manage your accounts and file your taxes electronically in the E-accounting(best e-accounting near me )course. Your job in online-accounting(best e-accounting near me )will have a lot of doors open for you as a result of taking an e-accounting(best e-accounting near me )course.

One (best e-accounting course near me ) in Delhi is iit computer Institute, where you may learn how to file E-GST(BEST E-GST COACHING NEAR ME ) returns, TDS returns, ITRs, advance Tally, advance Excel, busy accounting, excise, e-tax returns, pay payroll, use e-banking, and other cutting-edge techniques for looking at online accounts.

A computerised form of accounting that assists in the upkeep and management of accounts is known as E-accounting(best e-accounting near me )Course or Computer Accounting Course accounting or Online-accounting(best e-accounting near me )is the application of Internet and business accounting purpose. Similar to E-Mail which is an electronic type of the traditional mail, E- Accounting is also an “electronic enablement” of legal accounting which was traditionally manual and paper-based. E- Accounting is a new change in the field of accounting. It means that all your accounting dealings will be noted in an online server or database using the most recent software version, archives. It is advantageous to carry out routine tasks precisely. Additionally, it helps with the creation of fast reports including stock records, cash flow, balance sheet, and profit and loss.


To succeed as an accountant today, you must have knowledge of computer accounting. Anyone looking for employment in the field of e-accounting(best e-accounting near me )can have a successful career by receiving hands-on training from the iit Accounting institute in Delhi, India. Any student, graduate or undergraduate (beyond 12th Commerce), can take an online-accounting(best e-accounting near me )course to increase their employment prospects and strengthen their abilities by learning various software. Anyone interested in the Commerce or Arts streams can enroll in the top E-accounting(best e-accounting near me )Course in Delhi. All graduate and undergraduate students will benefit greatly from taking a practical E-accounting(best e-accounting near me )course and Online-accounting complete a web application is usually based on a simple monthly charge and zero- administration method to help companies and businesses to concentrate on major actions and avoid the hidden costs associated with traditional accounting software such as switching data files, installation, upgrades and backup.

E- Accounting(best e-accounting coaching near me)makes use of computers and accounting software to record, store and analyze financial data. An Online-accounting(best e-accounting near me )system brings along with it various advantages that are unavailable to analog accounting systems such as removal of mundane and time- consuming processes related with manual accounting since all the calculations are handled by the software, accounting process becomes much faster, less composite and cost operative as well. IIT COMPUTER INSTITUTE ALSO PROVIDE SMART ENGLISH COURSE

E- Accounting permits sharing of data all over the world. We can give good data to finance manager for well future financial development. We can check the current accounts from any part of the world as well. Computers and accounting software are used in e-accounting(best e-accounting near me )to record, store, and analyse financial data. Since all calculations are handled by the software, an online-accounting(best e-accounting near me )system has many advantages over analogue-accounting(best e-accounting near me )systems, including the elimination of tedious and time-consuming manual accounting processes. The-accounting(best e-accounting near me )process also becomes much faster, less complex, and more cost-effective.


Goods and Service tax (GST) is an secondary tax charged on the sale of goods and services in India. E-GST(BEST E-GST COACHING NEAR ME ) is charged at every step in the production development, but is returned to all parties in the chain of producers except the final consumers. E-GST(BEST E-GST COACHING NEAR ME ) has changed several falling taxes charged by the central and state governments.

The tax rates, rules and regulations are governed by the E-GST(BEST E-GST COACHING NEAR ME ) council which comprises of Finance Ministers of the Central and all the State Governments. E-GST(BEST E-GST COACHING NEAR ME ) has simplified a large number of indirect taxes with a combined tax and is therefore expected to considerably reform the country’s 2.4 trillion doll

Learn e-gst and e-accounting Lecture Started
  • Principles
  • Important Definitions
  • Why GST is Necessary?
  • Impact of GST.
  • Benefits/ Demerits.
  • Different Rates of GST.
  • FAQ
  • Definition & Important Notes to Return.
  • Types of Returns. (Annual Return, First Return, Regular Return)
  • Notice to Return Defaulters.
  • Levy of Late Fee.
  • Goods and Services Tax Practitioners
  • Various Return Form
  • e. GSTR-I, II ,III
  • FAQ
  • Refund of Tax (Section-54)
  • Refund in Certain Cases (Section-55)
  • Interest on Delayed Refunds (Section-56)
  • Consumer Welfare Fund (Section-57)
  • Utilization of Fund (section-58)
  • FAQ
  • Eligibility & Conditions for taking ITC (Section-16)
  • Block Credit (Section-17)
  • Availability of Credit in Special Cases (Section-18)
  • ITC for Job Work (Section-19)
  • ITC Distribution by ISD (section-20)
  • FAQ
  • Important Definitions. Section 2
  • Determination of Nature of Supply (Section 7-9)
  • Place of Supply of Goods and/or Services (Section 10-14)
  • Zero Rated Supply (Section 16)
  • FAQ

Course Criteria

  • Duaration : 1 year
  • Eligibility : 10th and above
  • Course Type : e-gst and e-accounting
  • Certification: Yes

Course Highlights

100% job oriented 

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