IIT Computer Institute is an authorized training partner of Busy Software

Nowadays in India, almost all the businesses are keeping their accounts on computers.  Due to new tax system-GST, all the business entities have to maintain inventory properly. Busy accounting software is very popular among manufacturers and businesses maintaining large inventory. Now after GST, requirement of BUSY accounting software experts will be manifold.   IIT Computer Certified Busy Expert is a course focused on Busy. IIT Computer Institute is an authorized Busy training center.  Our strategic partnership with Busy as authorized training partner, leading accounting and ‘e’ Compliances Software Solutions company in India, will enable students to gain immense value addition and become a Busy certified accountant. Busy has all the features required for a business and inventory accounting. Busy is leading accounting software for micro, small and medium businesses. It does all the functions of accounting that a business needs such as Accounting, Billing, Sales, Purchase, Banking, Inventory and Taxation etc.

Module 1 (Busy accounting and inventory with GST)

Working with Busy

This level has been designed to maintain day to day accounting and Inventory  in BUSY with  GST .

  1. Basics of Busy
  2. Introduction to Busy
  3. Installation of Busy software
  4. Default Data path and changing it
  5. Creating company
  6. Alteration and Deletion of Company
  7. Introduction to Gateway of Busy
  1. Introduction to masters and Account Masters
  2. Creation of Ledgers
  3. Alteration and deletion of Ledgers
  4. Creation of Groups
  5. Alteration and deletion of Groups
  6. Creation of ledgers with opening balance
  7. Creation of Suppliers & Customers ledger with bill wise details
  1. Understanding Basic accounting voucher types
  2. Receipt voucher
  3. Payment voucher
  4. Contra voucher
  5. Purchase voucher
  6. Sales voucher
  7. Journal voucher
  1. Debit note :- invoice and voucher mode
  2. Credit note :- invoice and voucher mode
  3. Creation and alteration of voucher types
  4. Concept and use of New Accounting Voucher Types
  1. Cost Centre and cost Group
  2. Credit Limit and Budget Control
  3. Post dated Cheque
  4. Target configuration
  1. Inventory Masters – Stock Group, Stock Item, Unit and Godown
  2. Creation of inventory masters
  3. Alteration and deletion of inventory masters
  1. Quotations, Purchase and Sales Order
  2. Purchase and Sales Challan
  3. Rejection inward and outward
  4. Purchase and Sales Return
  1. Bank Reconciliation
  2. Ledger Reconciliation
  3. Export and Import of data
  4. Data Security and Backup
  5. Configurable Invoicing
  6. Stock Transfer
  7. Cheque Printing
  8. Company Logo
  9. Reporting
  10. Interest Calculation

Goods and Services Tax is a comprehensive tax levied on supply of goods and services across India. one can do right from GST Billing to GST Returns In  BUSY

  1. GST on Goods (Local & Interstate)
  2. GST on Services (Local & Interstate)
  3. GST on Composite / Mix Supply
  4. Reverse Charge in GST

Module 2 (Advance Busy with TDS, Payroll and GST Return Filing)

This level has been designed for advance  accounting & Inventory management   i Payroll, TDS, TCS  in BUSY and GST return filling .

  1. Interest calculation with or without advance parameter
  2. Generating Point of Sale Invoice (POS)
  3. Voucher Class with separate configuration
  4. Multi-currency
  5. Brokerage
  6. Royalty
  7. Image setting of suppliers and customers
  8. Depreciation as per income tax and companies Act
  1. Job-Order Processing
  2. Stock transfer
  3. Bill of Material – Production, Assemble, Unassembled
  4. Alternate UOM
  5. Standerd price
  6. Free quantity
  7. Trade discount
  8. Parameterized details
  9. Item and ledger setting and other features
  10. Image setting for items
  11. Multiple Price List for different group of customers
  12. Item bar code
  1. MIS Reporting
  2. Exceptional Reports
  3. Email Reports
  4. Confirmation of Accounts
  5. Generate Reminder Letters
  6. Back-up and restore
  7. User Maintenance
  8. Dashboard management

Payroll Management in Busy

Payroll is used to manage complete details of salary, employees, HR compliances and other related requirements.

  1. Creating Employees Masters
  2. Define Salary Components
  3. Defining Salary structure and copying thereof
  4. Bonus
  5. Gratuity
  6. Loan and advances management
  7. Overtime Management
  1. Enabling and filling statutory details
  2. PF and ESI Rules and rates
  3. PF and ESI calculation and Accounting
  4. TDS Deduction on salary
  1. Monthly Attendance
  2. Auto calculation and entry of Monthly Salary
  3. Entry for PF,ESI and DLI
  1. Generate payroll reports- Pay-slip, Attendance Register, Salary register
  2. Payment Advice
  3. Auto mailing of pay slips to employees

TDS in Busy

TDS stands for Tax Deducted at source . The concept of TDS was introduced in the Income Tax Act, 1961. At present, Income from several sources are subject to TDs

  1. TDS Transactions in Busy
  2. TDS on Advance Payment
  3. TDS Computation
  4. Payment of TDS
  5. TDS Reports
  1. TCS Transactions in Busy
  2. TCS Computation
  3. Payment of TCS
  4. TCS Reports
  5. Treatment of Reverse Charge Mechanism

GST return preparation and filing is the key challenge under GST Law for the Accountants. This module will enable the learners to prepare and file error free returns on time.

  1. GST Computation
  2. ITC in GST
  3. Adjustment of GST
  4. Payment of GST
  5. GST Reports
  6. GST Return filing

Career Opportunities

In the current job scenario, this course offers an absolutely stunning career options as follows:

Accounts Executive



Payroll Manager

Accounts Consultant

GST compliance officer