IIT Computer Institute offers Basic Computer Course Training in Badarpur – Delhi

IIT Computer has been providing basic computer course meanwhile long time and is one of the oldest and trusted computer training institute in Badarpur, Delhi– NCR, IIT COMPUTER INSTIUTTE offers Computer training at Badarpur located in Delhi. This Certification of Computer training program is for 4 months (Duration 100 hours). This basic computer training course is very useful for executives, beginners, housewives and even little kids too, who need to learn basic computers, still those who wish to become computer operator and want to start their career can also join this course, this is a short term 100% job oriented practical training course, here every student will get individual computer and unlimited doubt session to each student after their computer classes.

Course Contents Includes

  • History of computer
  • Paintbrush
  • Notepad
  • Wordpad
  • Typing
  • Working With Operating System (Win 7,8)
  • Working With Printer
  • Installing and uninstalling many programs
  • Central Processing Unit – Processor Speed, Cache, Memory, RAM, ROM Booting, Memory- Secondary Storage Devices: Floppy and Hard Disks, Optical Disks CD-ROM,DVD, Mass Storage Devices: USB thumb drive. Anaging disk Partitions, File System Input Devices – Keyboard, Mouse joystick, Scanner, web cam, Output Devices- Monitors Printers – Dot matrix, inkjet, laser, Multimedia- What is Multimedia, Text, Graphics Animation, Audio, Images, Video; Names of common multimedia file formats Computer Software- Relationship between Hardware and Software; System Software, Application Software

Word processing concepts: saving, closing, Opening an existing document Selecting text, Editing text, Finding and replacing text printing documents Creating and Printing Merged Documents, Character and Paragraph Formatting, Page Design and Layout. Editing and Profiling Tools: Checking and correcting spellings. Handling Graphics, Creating Tables and Charts Document Templates and Wizards.

Spreadsheet Concepts, Creating, Saving and Editing a Workbook, Inserting Deleting Work Sheets, entering data in a cell / formula Copying and Moving from selected cells, handling operators in Formula, Functions: Mathematical Logical, statistical, text, financial Date and Time functions, Using Function Wizard. Formatting a Worksheet: Formatting Cells – changing data alignment changing date number, character or currency format, changing font, adding borders and colors, Printing worksheets, Charts and Graphs – Creating Previewing, Modifying Charts. Integrating word processor, spread sheets web pages.

Creating, Opening and Saving Presentations, Creating the Look of Your Presentation, Working in Different Views, Working with Slides Adding and Formatting Text, Formatting Paragraphs, Checking Spelling and Correcting Typing Mistakes, Making Notes Pages and Handouts, Drawing and Working with Objects, Adding Clip Art and other pictures Designing Slide Shows Running and Controlling a Slide Show, Printing Presentations.

MS Outlook is a personal information manager offered by Microsoft. It is usually used as an email application but also comprises of the Task manager, Contact manager, Calendar, a journal, web browsing and note taking. In the MS Outlook course designed by us at Baryon Learning, students will get an overview of the functions and features of MS Office Outlook. Managing email, contacts and schedules is also taught. Customizing the interface of MS Office Outlook is taught at the advanced level.

  • Configuring an Outlook Account
  • Understanding the Outlook Window — An Overview
  • Using the Navigation and Reading Panes
  • Viewing and Replying to Messages
  • Sending a New Message
  • Organizing Your Mail with Folders
  • Getting to Know Outlook 2010
  • Sending and Receiving Email
  • Organizing and Managing Email
  • Managing Contacts
  • Managing Your Calendars Collaborating with Calendars

Internet Surfing, Web-browser, Client-Server, Cache, Temp, History, Account creation on various sites, Composing mails, Attachment of files, Overview of online communication using Social Media tools like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Creating and managing accounts on social sites, Effectively using social apps

Having a technical and discipline-specific expertise can help you get to the interview room but it’s the soft skills that will make the hiring manager hand you the appointment letter.  Soft skills are also a key player to make headway in an existing job.  Managerial profiles are often tendered to individuals showing empathy, positive attitude and team-playing spirit.

An individual is not born with soft skills.  There are mastered with methodical application.  Through our course, students will be coached for the following soft skills :

  • Communication in English
  • Public speaking
  • Interview skills
  • Time and Stress Management
  • Emotional Management (EI)
  • Leadership and Being a Team-player

During this course at IIT Computer Institute, students will be trained for the following certifications*
1. Microsoft Office specialist
2. CCC by NIELIT (Course on Computer Concepts)
3. IIT Computer Institute Certified Diploma in Office Application (DOA)
**All certifications, products, logos and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. All certification exams are subject to availability and are subject to change or completely removed without prior notice. We do not ensure that participation in any of the above will result in successful completion of the certification/examination. Also the student needs to pay the respective examination fee for certification for every attempt.

Career Opportunities After Completion of Course

Computer Operator

Data Entry Professional

Front Desk Executive

Office Assistant

Back-end Executive

Customer Support Executive

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